Teacher Walkout Experience

Hello!!  It sure has been awhile.  The end of the school year was definitely nutty!  The teachers of Arizona participated in a 6 day walkout.  It was a scary, and amazing experience.  The outcome was a raise for teachers as well as additional funding for school districts to use.  I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of my experience.


The first picture is a picture of the First day of the walkout.  There were about 75,000 teachers and supporters who marched downtown to the capitol.  Such an amazing day.

The second picture, I’m with my co-workers doing a walk-in days before the walkout. The middle picture is my family, hot and exhausted after the march.  The picture on the right was the tram ride to the meeting spot for the march.

I learned about the legislative process.  I have to say sitting in the gallery of  the Senate was eye opening.  The process to have bills passed is long and tedious.  I also learned I could not be a politician for the mere fact I would struggle to ask permission to speak, permission to answer, and permission to speak again.  Phew, I just couldn’t do it! I do admire what they are trying to accomplish.  My eyes were opened for sure!  From here on out I am going to pay more attention to who I vote for.  I am embarrassed to say, prior to the walkout I did not pay attention.  I will now!!

Due to missing 6 days our district gave us the opportunity to make up the days on the weekends.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing which has meant a LOT less crafty time.  I have one more day to make up and then I will be officially on summer break.



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