Love From Lizi Cards

I am LOVING being on the Love From Lizi Design team.  It has been so much fun.  I enjoy the challenge of taking the kit and making 10 cards.  I have not been loving the uploading video process from my phone to my laptop.  I am trying to find an easier way.

I have done process videos for the cards.  If you haven’t seen them.  I hope you check them out.  Here are the links.


February 10 Cards 1 Kit

March 10 Cards 1 kit

April 10 cards 1 kit

May 10 cards 1 kit

I will be filming the June unboxing and working on my next 10 cards in the next couple of days.

Here are some photos of some of my favorite cards.

Here is the link to the Love From Lizi Shop.  As of today May 26th, 2018 kits are still available.

Love From Lizi’s website

Also, any add on items you like in her shop will ship for free with the kit.

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