Rainbow Junk Journals

Well hello Blog.  It sure has been awhile!!  I am so glad to see you!! I have many exciting things to share!!!  Let’s start with the most recent!!

I’ve added 6 new journals to the Etsy shop CaraBrandonCreations.  Here are a few pictures. 🙂

I’ve also added some Junk Journal Color Kits.  For those who are Junk “Journalers” and need some cool fabric, lace, ribbon, vintage buttons, and retro ephemera I’ve created journal kits in each color.  Here are a few pictures of those.  (They are also listed in my Etsy shop. )

I also have flip through videos of each Journal.  You can find those here.  YouTube

I would have to say this is one of the biggest projects I’ve done as far as paper crafts goes.  I made the Orange Journal first and I was then inspired to create the entire rainbow.  I love all things rainbow!! It could be the preschool teacher part of me.  It could just be I love bright and vibrant.  ( I do like a pretty pastel pink too).

These colors.. make me smile!!  In Preschool color mixing and showing 4 year old’s that Red and Yellow mixed together makes Orange is one of my FAVORITE things to teach!!

I love using bright colors to decorate my classroom.  Here is a picture of my classroom a couple years back.  Hard to tell from this Photo.  (I’ll have to find better ones) But I have lots of rainbow colors going on. 🙂


When I was younger the Color Kittens book was my favorite!!

color kittens

So I think all things bright and saturated with color have been inspiring to me for a very long time.

It has been so fun, scary, frustrating and exciting making these 6 journals.  I have learned so much about listing items in Etsy, and posting videos on Youtube and getting the “word out there” with my videos.  Again, another creative adventure milestone!

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