The Adventure Continues with Design Teams!!

I can’t believe it!!  I am so excited!! I decided to apply for two separate design teams, and they both said YES!!  You never know if you don’t try… Right!!!

The first is for ideas2come.  The owner’s name is Heather and she has an Etsy shop and Facebook group.  She recently introduced me on her Facebook page, this is what she said,

“Say Hello to Ideas2come new Creative Director Cara she has an awesome channel
Please go and check her out.”  Bursting with excitement!!!

I am so excited to be working with Heather on ideas for her Etsy shop.  She will have Junk Journal Kits in her shop soon.  I will have more on that in an upcoming blog.

The other Design team is for Junk That Treasures.  On Etsy the shop name is JunkThatTreasures.  The owner of the shop, Sarah just sent me all kinds of Junk Journal goodies that I will be using in my projects.  I am currently uploading the unboxing video to youtube.  I will have that linked below so you can check out the selection of fun stuff in her shop.

With being on the design teams I will be making some crafty things and videos to go along with the items.

Please hop on over to Etsy and look for Ideas2come

here’s the link,




Thanks!!! More to come!! Stay Tuned. 🙂




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