Cara’s Creative Adventure Begins

being creative

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Cara Brandon.  I am a wife and a mother of a young lady and son.  I am a preschool teacher.  I want to let you know the reason for creating a blog, and my journey.  This first post is going to be a bit well, wordy.  Stick with me!!

My adventure to be creative started in childhood.  As it does for most of us.  One memory that sticks out is bedroom closet.  My closet had two large sliding doors.  Perfect place for a collage, right?  When I was about 10 years old I started pasting motivational words, pictures, favorite bands, and most of all pictures of the gymnasts (that I admired at the time).  The closets were COVERED top to bottom.  It was my creative outlet.  My motivational board.

From there, my journey takes me to community college where I took Art History classes.  I loved them.  I could sit and watch the instructors’ slide shows for hours and be mesmerized by them.  I found myself reading more than I did in any other class.  Looking deeper into the history of the Artist.  The Art History classes were electives.  I was going to school to be a teacher.

I did not pursue Art History then because of fear.  Fear that I would not find a job. Fear that I would not be “good enough”.  I was not an artist.  I just loved Art.  So, I went the safe route and became a teacher.  (More on that in a minute).

While at community college,  I decided to jump in and try a pottery class.  I had always wanted to throw pots. Make gorgeous vases, bowls etc.  So I thought, what the heck I’ll try.  Right off the bat the teacher said we will have peer critiques of your work.  Wait, What? I thought.  Um, I just signed up for fun, and to learn how to make a bowl.  I didn’t want my peers judging my work.  This dampened my venture into being creative.  One of my projects I made a clock that the gears were breaking.  I thought it was pretty “profound”.  My class, well, they did not. The feeling of being picked apart was horrible.  I finished that class and didn’t sign up for another one.

After college graduation,  I did decide to try something else.  This time my desire was stained glass.  I took my first class and I was in love.  The glass, the colors, working with my hands.  It was amazing.  I bought my own grinder, and glass and I was set.

My mom has a dear friend who is a through and through stained glass artist.  My mom wanted me to meet her since she knew I was so excited about stained glass.  I did.  I saw her work.  It was incredible,  Her studio, incredible.  Instead of blossoming from meeting her, I withered.  I had self-doubt.  I didn’t realize then that she started somewhere.  She probably took a class and bought her first grinder at some point also.  No, my twenty-something version of myself thought.  Well crap.  I won’t be able to do THAT.  So, my stained glass went away.  I still have my grinder, and the glass.  I still have a small fire burning for it.  I know that when the time is right in my life I will do it again. (More on this also. )

Back to the journey.  Fast forward to my mid 20’s and my life in San Diego, California.  I signed up for a drawing class.  So now, I thought, I’ll try and draw.  Well guess what.  I did the same thing as I did with stained glass, and pottery. I didn’t give myself a chance.  I wanted to be at the end of the road.  To be the best.  I didn’t want to go through the pain, of trying and “failing”.

So, back to my teaching.  I found over the years that I love younger kids.  I love being the first experience a child has with school.  I love teaching special education students also.  So I found the perfect job.  I am a preschool, special education teacher.  Not only do I have a class of special needs students. I have a class with typical students and special education students.  I love the variety this lends to my day.

I also love being crafty with the students,  Mixing colors is one of my favorite things to teach the students.  I love learning how to teach students the process of making art.  Ripping, cutting, and gluing.  I love construction paper, and tissue paper, glitter, and stickers.  All things make my heart flutter.

So add my love of all things crafty and my new found a-ha moment.  Just like the quote says,  To be creative, lose the fear of being wrong!!! Lose the fear!!! My mom always says, enjoy the journey.  I am now 43 and I am just now getting that!!! Enjoy the journey.  I don’t have to be the best, most unique.  I can enjoy the process.  So, that is what this blog is for.  It is for my Creative adventures.  I am going to record what I am doing.  What I am learning on this fun, twisty journey.

My most recent venture started last summer when I bought a Happy Planner.  This opened the flood gates for all things crafty.  I bought the planner, then I needed the Washi.  Then I needed the sticker books, and the paper pads, and more Washi.  Then I saw that there was such a thing as happy mail where people swap planner items.  This led to flip books, and pocket letters.   Then this of course led to stamping, card making, scrapbooking etc.

With all of these new found creative outlets I want to record my journey.  Who knows where this will take me!  Maybe to inner peace. Yeah right!!  Who knows, but here goes!!


2 thoughts on “Cara’s Creative Adventure Begins

  1. I love hearing about your closet collage when you were younger. I did something similar. I would take a poster board and cut quotes and pictures to make a collage. I look forward to following your journey. I subscribed to updates.


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